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Benefits: Linear Fryers are designed to efficiently fry both buoyant (pellets, pasta and extruded matter) and non-buoyant products (nuts, lentils). These fryers are constructed of high grade stainless steel, with available stainless steel interconnections and valves. State of the art filtration systems are used to ensure proper removal of fines in order to give the maximum life to your cooking oils. The most commonly used systems are filter baskets which can filter down to .5 micron. The other common system employed are fines removal drums which mechanically separate the oil, literally lifting fine particles out of the cooking oil.

Sanitation is a critical consideration in our designs. We have available screw jack lift systems to allow easy access under conveyors and hoods as well as spray balls and clean in place systems. The frying systems are controlled panels which can have either push button or PLC controls depending on customer preference and budget. The PLC Touch screens are typically Mitsubishi or Allen Bradley, however, we can make others to suit customer requests.

The design of the fryers are such that the minimum amount of oil is utilized to cook the products. This allows fresh oil to be continuously added to the system giving a fresh taste and long shelf life to your products. Capacities range from 150 kg/hr up to 2 tons of product per hour.

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