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Advantage 100
Single Screw Extruder

Video Clip shows our 50 HP Advantage 50 in action!
The Advantage 100 can be utilized for all of the following finished product categories:
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Product #: EXTR-ADV-100
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Our highest capacity most powerful Bake Type Extruder to date is the Advantage 100. This extruder was designed from the ground up to help Snack Manufacturers get the most out of their production area. This means lower overhead costs including labor. The Advantage 100 has the capability of doing all of the products which our other models do but at higher capacities. Snack Manufacturers can expect to get from 350 to 400 kg/hr. This figure is based on a Corn Curl shape and high quality corn meal.

The Advantage 100 is well suited for Snack Producers where there are high populations in a given market. This extruder also does an excellent job replacing older smaller capacity snack extruders where maintenance can be a problem.

  • More Output Capacity for a Small Area
  • Saves Labor
  • 771-880 lbs/hr | 350-400 kg/hr (Corn Curl Shape)
  • Rugged construction designed for 24 hour a day operation 7 days per week
  • Stainless Steel Construction Available (with Stainless Steel Painted Castings)
  • Variable Speed Feeding
  • Uses, Maize (Corn Meal), Potato Granules, Rice, Wheat, Green Pea and More
  • Quiet Positive Drive Transmission
  • Safety Interlocks (CE and Factory Mutual Approved)
Extruder Description/Construction:

Main Drive: 100 HP TEFC A.C. induction main drive motor with A.C. constant torque inverter. Power transfer from motor to extruder spindle is by HTP timing belt (for positive, quiet performance) and sprocketed timing pulleys.

Frame: Constructed of 3" mild steel tubing. Castings are painted with Steel-IT paint for durability. (Stainless Steel Frame Available) Material feed system comprised of stainless steel hopper, feed screw, and vibrator. Feed system provides controlled metering of granular and floury materials to the extrusion process.

Extrusion Tooling: Features a single piece screw, modular (two piece) barrel assembly.

Temperature Control: Provided by externally mounted heat bands with thermocouples. External water jackets provided for cooling. Stainless steel product chute to deliver product to transfer conveyor.

Safety interlock: Installed on product chute for operator safety. Feed screw drive and product cut-off knife drive features A.C. inverter for precise speed control. Control panel consists of switch gear, and motor speed controls for the feed screw, product cut-off knife , and main spindle. Digital read-outs provided for main spindle speed, current, die, and stator temperature. All electrical components are housed in a Nema 12 enclosure for superior protection from the operating environment.

Extruder supplied with manuals for operation and maintenance, disassembly tools and electrical connection drawings.

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