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Pillow Cutter
Production Line

Our system produce snacks with sweet or savory flavors.

The Pillow Cutting System is compatible with the Advantage 50 and Advantage 100 Extruders

Advantage 50 Extruder Advantage 100 Extruder


Our innovative Pillow Cutter, Co-Extrusion Die and a positive displacement pump is all that is needed to create a cream filled extruded snack product with our Advantage Series Extrusion System. Fillings may include sweet or savory flavors. As many as four shapes may be made at the same time, including triangles, squares, peanuts, hearts and/or bars. The Pillow Cutter roller is designed to create as little waste as possible. The production line uses our Advantage Series extruders, such as the Advantage 50.

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Square Pillow Bar Pillow

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