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In addition to Extruders, Cutters, Ovens and Fryers; American Extrusion International manufactures a full range of auxiliary equipment required to complete your snack food or cereal production line. These include:

Bucket Elevators | Coating Tumblers | Conveyors | Fines Tumblers
Slurry Preparation and Application System | Positive Displacement Pumps
Ribbon Blenders | Vertical Meal Mixers | Vibratory Feeders

We can also supply you with the latest packaging equipment. Please contact us for more information.

Bucket Elevator
Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevators transfer blended and moisturized raw materials from the vertical mixer to the extruder hopper. Food grade nylon 4" X 3" cups mounted on food grade neoprene belting. Painted steel finish or all stainless steel construction. Includes 5" steel swivel discharge spout, intake chute with shut-off, direct drive with belt guard, moto mount and starter.

Coating Tumblers
Coating Tumbler

Our Coating Tumblers are specially designed to apply seasoning to your bake or fry type product in a uniform manner. Coating Tumblers are manufactured to suit all capacity requirements. Standard sizes range from 8' length x 23" diameter to 11' length x 36" diameter. All come standard with a stainless steel frame with adjustable legs. Motor, bracket, and oil spray pipe and nozzle are also standard.

Horizontal Reversing Conveyor

AEI manufactures horizontal, incline and "S" type Conveyors. All Conveyors are designed and built to suit customer's production requirements. Designed to allow ease in production flow without product spillage and leak points. Conveyors are also sized and timed to suit customer needs.

Fines Tumblers
Fines Tumbler

Our Fines Tumblers are designed to remove small particles from product prior to oven and fryer applications. All come with stainless steel perforated drum mounted on a stainless steel frame with adjustable legs. Motor and starter included. Fines Tumblers are sized to suit customer applications.

Slurry Preparation and Application System
Melting Tanks

Melting Tanks are supplied in pairs mounted on a single frame. They are designed for oil slurry type seasoning application and will function with all standard coating application systems.

Positive Displacement Pumps
Positive Displacement Pump

The Positive Displacement Pump is used in conjunction with the AEI Pillow Cutter to create a creme filled product. The creme filling is forced from the Transfer Pump through a special die on the Advantage 50 Extruder.

Ribbon Blenders
Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blenders consist of a U-shaped trough and a specially fabricated ribbon agitator. A ribbon agitator consists of a set of inner and outer helical agitators. The outer ribbon moves materials in one direction and the inner ribbon moves materials in the opposite direction. The ribbons rotate at approximately 300 fpm - moving materials both radially and laterally to assure blends in short cycle times. Ribbon agitators are used for blends that will be between 40% and 100% of the rated capacity of the blender.

Vertical Meal Mixers
Vertical Meal Mixer

Our Vertical Meal Mixer features a working capacity of 450 lbs. per batch and is constructed of all stainless steel with Lexan sight glass (also offered in painted steel). All welded contact areas polished. It has a 3 phase TEFC motor with pulleys, magnetic grill at meal inlet for personal protection and attraction of metal particles from metal flow. Water tank with all plumbing, valving and tubing included.

Vibratory Feeders
Vibratory Feeder

Our Vibratory Feeder pans are designed to flow product from wide infeed discharge points to narrower infeed points (tapered), two points with the same width (standard), or to have production flow at right angles (biased cut). Pans may be perforated for fine particle removal. Motors can be either high or low frequency and have either fixed or variable speeds. Pans are constructed of either anodized aluminum or stanless steel. Legs and support frames are constructed of either stainless steel or painted steel (pictured at left).

Every machine American Extrusion sells is backed by our legendary commitment to quality and customer support. If you're new to the industry, we can provide you with a 100% turn-key service that includes recipes, training, and more. To request a quotation, just click on the button below or call Rick Warner, Director of Sales, today at +1 (815) 624-6616 USA.

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